Rachel and Tuni's 30 Days with Cosaki Club's new Beauty Multiple

Cosaki Club

Nowadays, there are so many things that we have to take care of in our daily lives. Everything is stressful — our jobs, our education, the tasks in our households, maintaining social contacts, keeping up with our hobbies — our duties as mothers, roommate, wives or daughters...the list goes on. Along with all these tasks, we sometimes forget to take care of something else important: ourselves and our bodies. We rush from one appointment to the next, stay out too late to get a beer and to meet social obligations with friends or colleagues. We grab a quick bite during our lunch break and we don't pay attention to what we actually put into our bodies. After a certain time, a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle will show its repercussions on our face, our skin, hair and nails.

cosaki club packages

The Beauty Multiple comes in easy-to-use resealable packages with a serving scoop.

Bouncy, nourished, shiny... these are all qualities that most of us would love to associate with our hair and skin. My roommate and I had a few stressful months behind us before we added Cosaki Club's Beauty Multiple into our daily routine. No matter how stressful a day might be, vitamins and supplements don't take up any time and will give your body the nourishment that it lacks.

So, what actually is the Beauty Multiple? Cosaki Club's all-in-one Beauty Multiple supplement is a collagen-based beauty powder with added prebiotic formulated to help skin, hair, nails and overall health. Sounds good, this was what we needed! You can mix the powder with any drink, add it in your breakfast or scoop a bit into your hot cup of cocoa after a long day of work. It's such a subtle change in your daily habit that is easy to incorporate. Just add a scoop into your daily diet. Even with our busy lives, we had no problems finding time to add Cosaki into our daily routine.

All this sounds good but what is actually in the Beauty Multiple? There are a number of "super" beauty ingredients inside Cosaki's formula such as marine collagen, beta-carotene, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, biotin, keratin, açai berry extract, pomegranate extract, and many more (which you can read up HERE) in the website's Ingredient Matrix. Cosaki also has a matcha-infused version of the supplement which you can add to your drinks for a green tea taste.

The Beauty Multiple is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

To keep it simple, all ingredients are natural and are ethically sourced with no added fillers, GMOs or colorants. Sounds pretty good, right? Cosaki was not only easy to add into our diet, but also had many ingredients to nourish our bodies without sacrificing taste.

However, did we see a change?

Definitely! After only two weeks, we already saw results. Our skin showed a healthy glow and red spots became less visible. Our nails felt stronger and didn't break as much as before. We included Cosaki for another 2 weeks into our diet, and the changes became more visible and obvious over time. It comes to show that a small change in our daily routine can go such a long way. No matter how busy, how stressful or how demanding our lives might be — we should never forget to take care of ourselves. Love yourself!

- Rachel & Tuni ( and @tuni.metropolife)

Tuni before and after one month of Cosaki Club

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