About Us

Cosaki Club is the ultimate resource for honest and transparent beauty. Our mission is to stand out amongst the stigma of the supplement industry, where you’re constantly swamped with the latest ‘fit teas’ and ‘instant anti-aging magic pills.’ By producing all-natural products that are fueled by science and legitimacy, Cosaki Club focuses on serving you beauty as it should be: no excess fillers or GMO’s, and only the purest active ingredients. Founded by beauty engineers, we’re here to show you beauty from the inside out, backed fully by science.


Cosaki Club came to life when founder Jenny Peng’s best friend, Cos Hamasaki, suffered severe burns on her body after a tragic workplace accident. Desperate to help her friend feel better and soothe the marks left behind, Jenny used her engineering knowledge to help create a wound-healing skin supplement mix. With zero fillers and only natural ingredients, her custom blend ended up immensely helping Hamasaki heal from the inside out. After the amazing experience and seeing just what science-backed beauty can do, Jenny decided to add other custom ingredients to go beyond just skin, adding hair, nails, body and mind. Cosaki Club was then formed, named after the person who inspired the product. To this day, our main philosophy of the company remains the same: to create budget-friendly and honest products that you would recommend to your best friends.