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A Letter from the Founder: Jenny Peng

Hi there! Jenny Peng here, founder of your favorite source for all things beauty: Cosaki Club. I know a lot of you out there are struggling with skin and acne issues just like I was at one point and want to start off by saying you’re not alone! So many of us have tried product after product, supplements from every brand and even gone to other extremes with antibiotics and cosmetic procedures, only to find nothing is really working. That right there was my motivation behind Cosaki Club - to give you exactly what your skin (and hair, nails and mind) need - love and nourishment from the inside out, without any gross ingredients your body doesn’t like.


My first introduction into the beauty world was as a teenager with extreme cystic acne and hormonal breakouts. I struggled to find something that would help soothe or reduce my skin irritations and I remember spending my early days browsing forums such as Makeup Alley,, and kbeauty subreddits. Like many of you, I didn’t trust the skincare ads that were so prevalent in media with their glossy faces and flawless complexions. I wanted (and needed) to find products that REALLY worked. After spending so much time doing research, I learned to value community-backed products over heavily marketed or gimmicky ones. For me, these forums were like a trusted community, or an amazing club, where members traded their beauty secrets. I knew there had to be something better out there, but it took me awhile to realize that I was the one who could shake up the supplement game completely.


Cosaki Club was founded when my childhood best friend Cos Hamasaki suffered from severe burns all over her body after a workplace incident. Desperate to help find a solution to accelerate healing and restore my friend’s confidence, I used my background in engineering and my addiction to skincare to create a custom wound-healing skin supplement mix. With the goal of helping my best friend heal from the inside-out, this formula was made with zero fillers or placebo ingredients - because it wasn’t made for profit, but solely to help my friend. This custom blend ended up being immensely successful for Hamasaki, and after that I decided to add other ingredients to go beyond just skin, but also implementing targeted ingredients for hair, nails, body and mind. This was the initial concept behind the Beauty Multiple before the dozens of reiterations and refinements which ended up being the final formula.


With this experience, I noticed that in the current supplement industry most products are created by people looking for a high profit-margin in mind, and those who have low empathy towards their consumers. In a world of fit-teas, fillers and snake oils, I wanted to create a brand based on something different. Cosaki Club was then brought to life, named after the person who inspired the product. My main philosophy of the company was to create budget-friendly and honest products that people would recommend to their best friends, sisters and even strangers on the web - products that travel by word-of-mouth and market themselves through their efficiency, not by gimmicks.


So that right there is my ultimate goal for you - to find something that works, without filling your body with all the things it doesn't need. Give yourself the gift of beauty backed by science, not by trends.


With love,

Jenny Peng